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Turducken - Packed with flavor... times three. Don't pay more? Buy from us - and save.

Turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken. No matter how you slice it, that’s good stuff.

And while the origin of the Almighty Turducken may be a little cloudy, Louisiana’s love for this mouthwatering Masterpiece of Meat is crystal clear.

So serve up this tasty, savory favorite at your next party. You’ll pack ‘em in.

At Louisiana Crawfish, we bring a lot more to the table. Like offering only the highest quality Turduckens and Turporkens from LaBoucherie. Delivered faster and fresher than anyone else. And as the largest FedEx shipper in the state, we can also deliver better shipping rates and prices per-pound!

Fishing for just the right recipe?  Catch our recipes page, and find the perfect dish.

Free Shipping with the following minimums:

$100 Perishable

$50 Non-perishable

*excludes Southwest Cargo® and turducken categories

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Saturday and Monday delivery $10 more

Orders received by 4pm CST Monday - Friday can be shipped out same day!

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Points can be redeemed as follows:

  • 150 points: T-Shirt and Hat or 5 LBS Crawfish
  • 250 points: T-Shirt, Hat, and Apron or 10 LBS Crawfish
  • 500 points: T-Shirt, Hat, Apron, and 24 Qt Stockpot or 25 LBS Crawfish