Alligator and Turtle FAQs

  • Is alligator legal to eat in the US?
    Yes, as long as obtained legally, from sourced farms.
  • What does alligator meat taste like?
    Mostly compared to chicken but it is a much firmer meat, similar to a dense fish.
  • Is alligator fish or meat?
    Alligator is considered a fish with a meaty texture.
  • Is it ok to eat alligator during lent?
    The Archbishop Of New Orleans proclaimed it to be!
  • What part of the alligator is eaten?
    The premium meat is the inner tail or the tenderloin, followed by the white meat of the tail, the legs, and the body meat.
  • Do you sell whole alligator?
    We most certainly do!
  • What are gator bites made of?
    They are bite size pieces of the white & dark alligator meat, seasoned & coated with batter. They are delicious fried!
  • Is turtle good to eat?
    Yes, turtle has a wonderful texture and flavor.
  • What does turtle taste like?
    Turtle is said to have seven distinct types of meat. Depending on what part you’re eating, it will taste like turkey, or fish, or pork, or veal.
  • How do I cook turtle?
    Turtle has a very rich, earthy, firm tasting texture. It is often stewed, fried, used in sauce piquant, and etoufee. Probably the most famous use for it is in turtle soup, topped off with sherry.
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