Comeaux's Smoked Pork Boudin

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Cajun Smoked Pork Boudin Pork cooked with "The Trinity" (onions, celery, bellpepper) seasoned perfectly, mixed with rice, stuffed in sausage casing, and smoked to perfection! Fully cooked. Simply heat & serve! Makes a great appetizer! 1 lb Pkg


Boudin Heating Instructions

Do not puncture skin.

Microwave: Wrap 1-link in wet paper towel, or plastic wrap. Heat for 1-minute on high, or until when squeezed, the Boudin becomes spongy.

Steam or water heating: Fill pot with enough water to cover boudin, (use tap water for frozen boudin). Heat on high until steam forms on surface of water. Lower heat and maintain temperature until boudin floats or becomes spongy. Remove from water and serve. (Allow moderate cooling before cutting.)

Bar-B-Que Pit: Use foil and baste with favorite Bar-B-Que Sauce (although not needed).

Ingredients: Pork, Cooked Rice, Water, Pork Liver, Ionion, Salt, Bell Oeooer, Celery, Red Pepper, Paprika, Green Onions, Cajun Creole, Seasoning (salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic, onion, celery and other spices), Parsely, Flavorings, in a Pork Casing.

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