Bayou Classic Poultry Rack

Price: $34.99
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The Bayou Classic® Poultry Rack Set fits any size Turkey Fryer! Includes perforated aluminum rack, lift hook, 2-oz seasoning injector, 12-in fry thermometer, and 3 detachable skewers. Fry an 18-lb turkey in about 45 minutes! Use the skewer set to fry 3 whole chickens in 20 minutes! The Complete Poultry Rack Set takes the backyard chef on an outdoor cooking adventure from prep to carve.

Features & Benefits:

  • Every component accessory needed to deep fry a whole turkey or 3 chickens
  • Perforated Aluminum Poultry Rack, 9.5-in Width x 13-in Height
  • Lift Hook
  • 2-oz Seasoning Injector with Stainless Needle
  • 12-in Stainless Fry Thermometer
  • 3 Detachable Skewers to fry 3 whole chickens


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