Gumbo/Soups FAQs

  • What can I use to thicken gumbo?
    Traditionally it is oil & flour, cooked low & slow.....Stir, stir, stir. We also offer already prepared roux like Kary's Roux Base. File gumbo is also a great thickener, just do not use too much, or it will make your gumbo "roapy".
  • Are gumbo and jambalaya the same?
    No, for Gumbo you have a soup/stew base vs. a casserole-type base for Jambalaya.
  • Can you make gumbo roux in advance?
    You sure can & it can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks, to use when you are ready.
  • What should the consistency of gumbo be?
    Most natives prefer it to be rich, thick & chocolate in color.
  • What is the difference between creole and cajun gumbo?
    While both are delicious options, a common debate in Louisiana pits Creole gumbo (City Food) vs.Cajun gumbo (Country Food). ... Creole gumbos most often include tomatoes, shellfish and dark roux and often okra and filé powder, an herb made from ground leaves of sassafras trees. Cajun gumbo doesn't have tomatoes and usually also contains chicken & sausage.
  • Do you put tomatoes in your gumbo?
    Traditionally tomatoes are not in gumbo, although some Creole gumbos may have tomatoes.
  • Which sausage is best for chicken and sausage gumbo?
  • How long does it take to make a gumbo roux?
    Some people can make it in 30 minutes, others stir it for hours.....
  • What is the difference between soup and gumbo?
    Gumbo is a type of soup, but what makes a soup Gumbo is a couple of main ingredients. The first one that arguably is more important is a roux. This give a very distinct deep, nutty flavor. The second one is the spice file gumbo which also helps as a thickener as well as adds the signature flavor. After that, everyone will debate what's in a gumbo and what's not, but generally it's not a gumbo unless it has file or roux.
  • Can gumbo be frozen?
    Definitely, we typically make a huge pot! Since it takes a while to make, we freeze them in batches for later.
  • How much gumbo per person?
    Is 2 bowls per person too much?? : )
  • Can gumbo be made without okra?
    It can! Seafood Gumbo & Chicken & Sausage Gumbo can both be made deliciously with OR without Okra.
  • How to serve gumbo?
    Most people serve Gumbo over rice. Some south Louisiana natives also may put a scoop of potato salad on top of their Gumbo. Don't forget the French bread.
  • What is gumbo file?
    Filé powder is a unique spice made from the herb of ground leaves of sassafras trees.
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