Live Crawfish By The Pound

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LIVE GRADED CRAWFISH shipped directly from OUR FARM to your door!

Includes: Crawfish only.  QTY = number of pounds desired

**We are the Only company that allows you to order ANY INCREMENT to meet your exact needs!*

Grade Sizes: 
Field Run 18/22 count/lb 
Select 12/17 count/lb 
Jumbo U/12 count/lb

**Live crawfish are perishable and should be cooked the day of delivery**

For helpful (and delicious) cooking instructions, click here 

Price includes Overnight Delivery to your Door!  
During checkout: Choose Standard Overnight for delivery by end of day, Priority Overnight for delivery by Noon (Some restrictions apply), or Hold For Pick Up to Pick up your order at the nearest FedEx or UPS location (most locations available by 9am)! 

*Unfortunately, we are unable to ship LIVE Crawfish to HAWAII, WASHINGTON, MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, WISCONSIN, PENNSYLVANIA, MINNESOTA, or OREGON due to restrictions by the Department of Natural Resources*

  • Oregon, you may obtain a permit for Live Crawfish from Rick Boatner at (503)947-6300 or apply HERE
  • Minnesota, you may obtain a permit for Boiled Crawfish by sending an application form to Chelsey Blanke, [email protected], (651) 259-5350)

How to Prepare Crawfish:
Crawfish are PERISHABLE and should be cooked the same day received.
To Care For Live Crawfish: If you are not going to cook the crawfish immediately, you must do the following! 1. When you receive your crawfish take the sack(s) out of the box and hose the whole sack off in your back yard or in a large sink. Do not take the crawfish out of the sack, leave them in the sack and hose the entire sack with fresh water. Do not leave the sack submerged in water, as the crawfish are restricted in the sack and will drown.
2. Place the sack(s) back into the box & lay a bag of ice loosely on top of the crawfish sack(s) and close the box.
3. Leave the box in a cool damp area such as your garage/cellar or kitchen. If you live in an area where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees then you may leave the box outside. However, dampen the crawfish first. Do not leave the crawfish outside if the temperature is freezing level or below!

Wash crawfish thoroughly with running water, removing any that are crushed.
Fill a large pot with enough water to cover crawfish. Add LA Crawfish Co. powdered seasoning mix to the water. One lb. of crawfish boil will cook approximately 15 lbs of crawfish. The powdered premixed seasoning contains salt, lemon, onion, garlic, and many other spices needed for real “Cajun flavor”. Bring water to a rolling boil.
Place crawfish in water, cover, return water to a boil, & boil approx. 1- 2 minutes. Turn off fire & let crawfish soak for 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of spices desired.
Prepare vegetables while crawfish are soaking. The standard favorites are corn-on-the-cob and potatoes. However we suggest you also try mushrooms, carrots, whole onions, whole garlic, and any others of your choice. Boil the vegetables in the water after removing the crawfish, keeping in mind they will not take long to cook and they soak up the spices quickly. Start the potatoes first and add the others right before the potatoes are almost fork tender.
Remove crawfish from water and place in an ice chest. The box the crawfish are shipped in works great for this purpose! Place a 2" layer of crawfish then sprinkle an even layer of LA Crawfish Co. Creole Seasoning & a layer of salt (if desired). Continue layering crawfish and seasoning until all crawfish are in the chest.
Place the lid tightly on the chest and let the crawfish steam approximately 15 minutes. Meanwhile, boil the vegetables. (Optional)LA Crawfish Co. Creole Seasoning or more of the Seafood Boil may be sprinkled on top of the crawfish if desired for spicier Cajun flavor!
Help yourself and enjoy Louisiana’s finest delicacy!!!

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Upstate NY LOVES La Crawfish!

Review by Ed on 7/13/2021

This was my first time ordering form La Crawfish. I'm super pleased with the product. It arrived on time, on a Saturday, with zero hiccups. They are very reasonably priced. I ordered 60 Lbs for my boil party and only had 22 crawfish that didn't survive the journey. I was expecting much much more loss than that. VERY impressed!! I am now a customer for life. GREAT product, GREAT customer service, GREAT communication! I was happy to bring a little piece of Louisiana to upstate NY for a day. UPSTATE NY LOVES LA CRAWFISH!

Great business!!

Review by Thomas on 6/9/2021

I live in maine and we had to change our delivery date last minute. I text them 7pm at night they are closed. By 9am the next morning they text back and had my order changed. It arrived on time and very much alive this was our first experience with a crawfish boil. We will be using them again for our yearly summer get-together for many years. Great business to deal with!!

Good quality

Review by Adam on 4/30/2021

I orderd 50lbs of crawfish and was expecting 2 or 3lbs to be dead but no only 1lb didn't make it and that's impressive, also they are good quality in size it made me very happy to see this. Highly recommend using louisiana crawfish company!

Always Surpasses our expectations

Review by Khwame on 4/16/2021

We’ve been ordering from LaCrawfish for about 3 years now, I have not found one place that has beat their quality, attention to detail, and pride to their craft. We’ve had numerous crawfish boils, our orders are always on point! Thank you guys!

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