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How to Boil Live Blue Crabs

  • 4-8

  • 30 minutes

  • 20 minutes


• 1-2 dozen live crabs

• 1 pound Seafood Boil Mix

• 2-3 Yellow lemons

• Optional: 2-3 onions

• Optional: 1 clove garlic


1. Rinse the crabs thoroughly with water before boiling.

2. Add powdered seasoning mix to the water. One lb. of powdered seafood boil will cook approximately 1-2 dozen crabs. The powdered premixed seasoning contains salt, lemon, onion, garlic, and many other spices needed for real “Cajun flavor”. Bring water to a rolling boil.

3. Using a pair of tongs, grab them from behind so you don’t get pinched and drop into boiling water. Lower each crab into the boiling water with its legs facing down.

4. Allow each crab to cook for approximately 10 minutes (once they float to the top, give them an extra 2-3 minutes). Once your time is up, drop in approx. 5-10 lbs. of ice (depending on the quantity you are cooking) to cool down the crabs. The crabs will then sink to the bottom of the pot.

5. Let them soak for 10-15 minutes depending on the amount of spices desired. If they do not sink, add a little more ice!

6. Remove them from the pot. Make sure to have a bib and plenty of napkins on hand. Eating crabs can be quite messy!

IMPORTANT: When eating, flip over the crab and remove the gills that run along the sides with your hands. You will NOT eat these!