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Alligator Meat 1 lb

Premium Louisiana Alligator Filet. Fileted and processed utilizing a needle point tenderizer, then marinated with a special blend of mild herbs & spices to enhance its flavor & further tenderize. The advanced processing technique makes alligator filet an ideal "low-fat" alternative for use in your favorite beef, poultry, or fish recipes. Frozen 1 lb/pkg


Alligator Sampler

Perfect for the Alligator Lover! Includes one Alligator Nuggets, one Marinated Alligator Filet, one Alligator Boudin, and one Alligator Boudin Appetizers.


Alligator Nuggets 1 lb

Perfectly seasoned, these bite-size alligator nuggets are breaded & battered & ready to fry! Straight from the freezer, into the hot grease & onto a serving platter...We highly recommend this appetizer for your next party! 1 lb bag