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Comeaux's Alligator Boudin

Cajun Alligator Boudin For the curious! Here's the boudin with bite! Comeaux's brings to you the true taste of the bayou with our delicious Alligator Boudin. It's the same blend of sauteed vegetables & spices used in our crawfish boudin with one exception, Alligator! The Alligator is sauteed with "The Trinity"(onions, celery, bell pepper) then seasoned & combined with cooked rice & finally packed in a sausage casing. Just heat & serve as a meal or appetizer!


Comeaux's Smoked Alligator & Pork Sausage

Curb your curiosity and test your taste buds!!!! Try Comeaux's flavorful Pork and Alligator Smoked Sausage. A blend of Comeaux's authentic cajun seasonings mixed with pork and alligator and smoked to perfection! 1 LB Package