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Alligator Nuggets 1 lb

Perfectly seasoned, these bite-size alligator nuggets are breaded & battered & ready to fry! Straight from the freezer, into the hot grease & onto a serving platter...We highly recommend this appetizer for your next party! 1 lb bag


Aunt Sally's Cafe au Lait Creamy Pralines

The New York Times named these the best in New Orleans pralines---want to see for yourself? Order enough for your friends and family (and, of course, yourself). With over 70 years of making pralines these are still made the old fashion way in the copper pots and poured on marble slabs. These scrumptious pralines are loaded with select Louisiana pecans, cane syrup, fresh butter, heavy cream, and vanilla and are made fresh daily in New Orleans. Each praline weighs approximately 1.5oz and is 3 inches in diameter. 12 pralines come in a decorative box and individually wrapped to ensure freshness.