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Cajun Original Foods Pork Boudin Party Links

Top quality ground pork shoulder cooked into a savory broth with onions, onion tops, parsley, and a special blend of Cajun Seasonings. Then mixed with steamed long grain rice and finally stuffed into a natural pork sausage casing. 8 mini links per package


Comeaux's Smoked Andouille Sausage SLICED 5 lb bag

Acadiana's best! USDA pork, coarsely ground, seasoned, marinated, & stuffed in a large sausage casing & hickory smoked to perfection. A must for gumbo! Andouille tastes great barbequed or in dishes such as red beans & rice, jambalaya, pasta dishes & more! This sausage can also be used as an appetizer, simply heat & serve with a toothpick. Talk about good!