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Alligator Meat 1 lb

Premium Louisiana Alligator Filet. Fileted and processed utilizing a needle point tenderizer, then marinated with a special blend of mild herbs & spices to enhance its flavor & further tenderize. The advanced processing technique makes alligator filet an ideal "low-fat" alternative for use in your favorite beef, poultry, or fish recipes. Frozen 1 lb/pkg


Alligator Sampler

Perfect for the Alligator Lover! Includes one Alligator Nuggets, one Marinated Alligator Filet, one Alligator Boudin, and one Alligator Boudin Appetizers.


Alligator Nuggets 1 lb

Perfectly seasoned, these bite-size alligator nuggets are breaded & battered & ready to fry! Straight from the freezer, into the hot grease & onto a serving platter...We highly recommend this appetizer for your next party! 1 lb bag


Comeaux's Alligator Boudin

Cajun Alligator Boudin For the curious! Here's the boudin with bite! Comeaux's brings to you the true taste of the bayou with our delicious Alligator Boudin. It's the same blend of sauteed vegetables & spices used in our crawfish boudin with one exception, Alligator! The Alligator is sauteed with "The Trinity"(onions, celery, bell pepper) then seasoned & combined with cooked rice & finally packed in a sausage casing. Just heat & serve as a meal or appetizer!