Jumbo LIVE Louisiana Blue Crabs Bushel - Southwest Airlines Cargo PickUp

Price: $299.99


Pickup Time

Live Louisiana Blue Crabs Fresh from the Premier Crab supplier in south Louisiana!  Approximately 55 crabs. Average size roughly 6" from point to point.  Includes 4 pounds of Seafood Boil Mix.  

 ***Deliveries available Wednesday through Saturday - 48 Hour Notice Needed!***

Please note Louisiana Crawfish Co will not refund any money due to dead loss on live crab orders.  You can expect loss from 15% to the entire order as live crabs are extremely fragile. 

Season is roughly March through November

This price does NOT include shipping.  Freight charge is due at time of pick up at the airport.  Freight Rate Averages $77.00-85.00

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