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Cookin' Cajun Creole Pasta Sauce

Our New Orleans Creole Pasta Sauce is unique and has become a favorite for many pasta lovers. Its spicy accent and special blend of herbs and vegetables makes your pasta robust and exciting. Directions for both a Red Pasta Sauce and a Cream Pasta Sauce are included. Makes approximately 2 cups of sauce or 4 servings.


Comeaux's Smoked Jalapeno Sausage

Acadiana's best! USDA pork, ground, seasoned, marinated, and stuffed in sausage casing with jalapenos and hickory smoked to perfection. A must for gumbo! Tastes great in barbecque or in dishes such as red beans andrice, jambalaya, pasta dishes, soups and stews. Just heat and serve with a toothpick.