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Cajun Original Foods Pork Boudin - Extra HOT

1 lb of top quality ground pork shoulder cooked into a savory broth with onions, onion tops, parlsey, and a special blend of Cajun seasonings. Then mixed with steamed long grain rice and finally stuffed into a natural pork sausage casing.


Comeaux's Smoked Andouille Sausage 5 lb bag

Acadiana's best! USDA pork, coarsely ground, seasoned, marinated, & stuffed in a large sausage casing & hickory smoked to perfection. A must for gumbo! Andouille tastes great barbequed or in dishes such as red beans & rice, jambalaya, pasta dishes & more! This sausage can also be used as an appetizer, simply heat & serve with a toothpick. Talk about good!


Gambino's Olive Salad 16oz

Gambino's selects the finest olives and combines them California vegetables of carrots, cauliflower and celery. To this medley, we add our very own Italian seasoning blend and pack with 100% virgin olive oil/vegetable oil solution.


Gold Band Whole Oyster (12)

A pre-shucked oyster may sound impossible, but Gold Band Oysters® are just that. The patented High Pressure Process causes the oyster to release itself from the shell so there's no need for skilled shucking labor. Each whole oyster is fully wrapped and banded to seal in the delicious flavors of the Gulf.