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Louisiana Crawfish Company


Since 1985 our family owned and operated farm and business continues to grow at unbelievable rates well beyond our expectations. Last season, in our 25th anniversary year, we reached a tremendous milestone and shipped over 1 million pounds of crawfish! We are truly thankful, amazed, and deeply humbled by the support of our loyal customers who helped us achieve this goal. We pledge to uphold the same level of Quality, Service, and Price to continue growth for many years to come.

We are the #1 shipper of live crawfish, shipping considerably more than our competitors combined, per FedEx. We supply retail and wholesale customers on a national and international level, along with shipping for many other websites. We exclusively manage our family farm for live crawfish production. Through the years, our loyal customer base has continued to increase and sales have far exceeded farm production. In addition to our family's farm we now contract with several premier farms throughout the state and fishermen in the Atchafalaya Basin to fulfill volume needs. This allows us to meet the growing demand for consistent quality crawfish and also enables us to sell crawfish for a longer period of time than any of our competitors.

We have also had the great honor of being featured on several prominent television stations, magazines, and news articles. Most recently, our company is being featured on the Food Networks "Good Eats". More importantly we feel our main credibility and reputation has been established through years of satisfying customers who tell us our family farm and business is by far the industry leader and we do what we say. Our customers own words received through a multitude of testimonials validate why we are often imitated but never copied and attribute our tremendous growth to the basic business principles of Quality, Service, and Price.


Our 25 year old company offers the strongest live delivery cash-back guarantee in the industry. We are the only company to offer four different grade sizes: Jumbo, Select, Field Run, and Bait size. We catch, grade, wash and chill daily to insure the freshest quality available. We pack in the highest quality reusable shipping cartons available and ship with the most reliable premiere carrier... Federal Express! All these aspects are heavily managed and achieved to insure superior quality and customer satisfaction.

We are now pleased to announce that we are the only company to offer our new and innovative product: All Natural Crawfish! This unique product is harvested from ponds using only natural vegetation (such as smart weed and alligator weed) as the food source, unlike rice ponds where heavy chemicals and fertilizers are used in production. Rivers and bayous often times are the water source for many crawfish ponds and the wild basin crawfish. However, the water source for the ALL Natural Crawfish is only natural subsurface wells and rainfall free of pollutants such as those found in surface water from rivers and bayous bayous. This product is produced in a heavily controlled and managed aquaculture environment to create a healthier chemical free product


Being a corporate FedEx account, our company is able to offer shipping options and customer support far superior to our competition. We offer the broadest range of order and shipping options available. You can choose the most up to date online services or call our toll free number for customizing your order to your exact needs. We have several incoming lines answered beyond normal business hours by knowledgeable people to answer any questions you may have. We also monitor all shipments working closely with FedEx until your order is delivered to you! Unlike our competition we are open on Saturday until all orders are successfully delivered. Superior service of this nature is essential for satisfied repeat business. Our company offers shipping options and support superior to all competitors. We offer FedEx Express, Ground, International, and New Express Airport Pick Up making all other commercial airline pickups obsolete. All options come with tracking numbers and a guaranteed delivery time supported by senior level FedEx tracking and customer service personnel assigned to our corporate account Monday through Saturday.


Our many valued repeat customers tell us our price is "always the best" and we constantly strive to maintain this. Our annual sales volume allows us to attain top pricing for product and volume freight rates from FedEx as their #1 seafood shipper in Louisiana. These are incorporated into our delivered prices not forcing you to pay high consumer rates. There are also no hidden charges! So, we feel confident that when you compare the delivered price for quality crawfish and service there is only one choice: Louisiana Crawfish Company.