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  • You must get a total delivered cost to Your Zip Code for an Accurate Comparison
  • Below are Random Examples to various zip codes across the United States
  • We will Gladly Price Match IF you find a Lower Delivered Cost - just call us! 

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CompanyLive Crawfish 10lbs Live Crawfish 30lbs Live Crawfish 60lbsLive Crawfish 90lbs
Louisiana Crawfish Company$109.99$249.99$489.99$709.99$$$$
Why pay more  • Louisiana Crawfish Co Always has the Lowest Price!
CompanyBoiled Crawfish 30 lbsOvernight Shipping to Zip Code 65775Total CostCost per Pound
Louisiana Crawfish Company$212.70Included$212.70$7.09$OUT$$$$129.99$113.97$243.96$8.13
Why pay more  •  $31.26-$76.18  Savings
CompanyLouisiana Crawfish Tail Meat 10 lbsOvernight Shipping to Zip Code 82801Total CostCost per Pound
Louisiana Crawfish Company$206.91Included$206.91$20.69$187.00$41.89$228.89$22.88$199.98$86.28$286.26$28.62
Why pay more  •  $21.98 - $79.35 Savings
CompanyGulf Shrimp16/20 HL 10 lbsOvernight Shipping to Zip Code 89135Total CostCost per Pound
Louisiana Crawfish Company$143.98Included$143.98$14.39$320.00Included$320.00$32.00$169.98$89.35$259.33$25.93
Why pay more  •  $115.35 - $176.02 Savings
CompanyAlligator Meat 10 lbsOvernight Shipping to Zip Code 38104Total CostCost per Pound
Louisiana Crawfish Company$170.91Included$170.91$17.49$132.20$80.05$212.25

Why pay more  •  $26.08 - $41.34 Savings

**Make Sure Your Turducken is Freshly Made!  Beware of old stock!**

Company14/15 lb Turducken
Zip Code 20003
Ground2 DayOvernightAverage Delivered Price
Louisiana Crawfish Company$84.99$27.45$42.54$53.69$112.44-$138.68
Creole Food$89.99$49.99$62.84$93.67$139.98-$183.66$99.99$50.60$66.46$90.79$150.59 - $190.78
Why pay more  • Louisiana Crawfish Co Always has the Lowest Price!

Airport Pickup (40 lbs)
 Louisiana CrawfishKyle LeblancLouisiana Best Seafood 
$ per lb. $6.89  $

$+ S/H

Shipping Included Yes - Next Flight Guarantee! Yes No  
Average Cost of Shipping Included Included $0.90/lb-$1.05/lb Avg. with 100lb minimum  
Total Cost of Purchase $275.60 ($6.89/lb) $($/lb)


Live Guarantee or your money back Yes No No  
Direct from the Farm Yes No No  
Seasoning and Instructions Included Available Yes No  
Guaranteed Delivery Time Yes No No  
Customer Service Until Delivery Yes No No  
Select Graded Crawfish Available Yes No  
Custom Quantity Packing Yes No No  
CompanyFacebook Fans
Louisiana Crawfish Company 202,800 101,392 18,701 786

CompanySaturday Delivery
Louisiana Crawfish Company $10.00 $15.00 $17.00 per 30 lb box

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  • Secure Online Services
  • Many Years of Selling and Shipping the Item of Interest
  • Numerous Current Testimonials or Referrals
  • Larger Companies with Volume Shipping Rates Passed Along in Savings To You
  • Avoid Companies that use Negative Advertising or Exaggerations… They are Probably Very Experienced on the Disasters or Problems they Talk About

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