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Turtle Sauce Piquante

  • 10-12

  • 15 Minutes

  • 3.5 Hours



  1. Wash Boneless Turtle Meat and cut into bite size pieces
  2. Using a large cast iron dutch oven, cover the bottom with oil
  3. Add turtle and season the meat generously with LA Crawfish’s Creole Seasoning
  4. Brown turtle meat on medium/high
  5. Remove from pot and set aside
  6. Using the remaining oil add ½ cup more and 1 cup flour
  7. Cook on medium/low stirring constantly until dark chocolate brown in color
  8. Add vegetables and cook until soft on low heat
  9. Add beef broth, tomato sauce, rotel, water, sugar, and wine
  10. Season to taste with Louisiana Crawfish’s Creole Seasoning
  11. Add Turtle and bring to a boil stirring occasionally
  12. Reduce heat to simmer, cover, and cook 3 hours until meat is tender
  13. Serve over rice